what we offer

We provide half and full day wade or float trips based on what best fits your time schedule.

However, the vast majority of our trips are full day float trips. The full day float allows maximum river access and more time for opportunities at fish.

Half day trips and wade trips are best for folks who have experience but are limited on time or are looking to learn water they can fish on their own without a boat.


We will always work with you and your group to make sure the experience is exactly what best suits your needs and expectations.

At Feather Flingers honesty and communication is paramount, if river conditions are not conducive to a certain trip we will make whatever changes are necessary to ensure your best shot at success.


What you need and what we provide

All of our trips provide all of the necessary rods, reels flies, leaders etc.. waders and boots are available by request. All full day trips include either a standard or hot shore lunch. All the anglers need to do is dress appropriately for a day outdoors and possess a valid fishing license. 


All rods provided are high quality single and double hand fly rods (Sage, Winston Echo etc.. ) from #7 to #9 depending on where we fish. Anglers are always more than welcome to bring your own equipment as well and we will rig it for you.

Lunches are either sandwiches with sides or a hot shore lunch based upon dietary preferences, weather and timing. The hot lunch takes a little extra time to prepare but is often a welcome addition on cold days.

Most of out fishing is done out of a drift boat specifically rigged for fly fishing. For smaller or more technical rivers we also have a raft (see images below.)