Rogue river (summer/fall)

The Rogue River is truly one of a kind. The Summer run fish start in July and keep coming into the upper river into November. Add to that the "half pounder's" and sea run cutthroats and you get more action than any other river in the Pacific Northwest.

The Rogue offers a true "quantity" experience. They may not always be the largest fish, but consistent runs of summer fish make this river about as consistent as you can get for steelhead
Anglers of all abilities can enjoy the Rogue. Due to the number of opportunities and varying sizes of fish, first time anglers don't have to invest the massive amounts of time that some runs require for success
Despite the fact that we would rather not have dams on our rivers, the Rogue is a tailwater and therefore offers consistent flows and tempratures

North, South and Mainstem umpqua rivers (Winter)

The North Umpqua may be one of the most iconic and storied rivers in the lower 48. Combined with the excellent angling opportunities on the South and Mainstem Umpqua we have access to an incredible amount of water hosting one of the best winter runs in the lower 48.

The Umpqua system is world renowned for big winter run fish, with consistent returns year after year.
Several hundred river miles of water makes this river system incredibly diverse in fishing opportunities.

various coastal rivers

One of the things that makes Southern Oregon so unique is the vast amount of fishing available throughout the year. Aside from our main fisheries we have access to many more fisheries that can be extremely productive at the right time.